B2B Projects

Accelerate Growth with a
Flexible Enterprise-Grade B2B PlatformThe most effective B2B eCommerce Platform that helps you take, manage, and track orders from your retailers and your customers. Control the information passed to vendors, scale your business organically.

Create Your Own B2B Sales DisplayOrderCircle allows you to create your own B2B eCommerce Sales platform completely free. You can control and customize information based on the retailer. A Tab-friendly platform can also be carried by your on-ground staff to register orders from their regional retailers.

✡ Customizable Pricing tiers
✡ Easy-to-use interface
✡ Geographical information control
✡ Customizable look and feel


Control The Pricing You Give Your RetailersYou can control what price gets shown to the customer based on their geography or any other parameter using pricing tiers for each product. You can also decide if you do not wish to offer a particular set of products to retailers of specific geography retailers based on your supply chain process.

✡Tier based price control
✡Account-based customer view control
✡Geography based information control
✡Supply chain friendly B2B portal

Easy Reordering ProcessReordering has never been easier. OrderCircle helps you create template orders and save them for sets of customers. These could be combos or bundles or just a set of products if purchased together can help customers avail discounts.

✡Template-based ordering
✡Easy Reorder interface
✡Client ordering history for purchase planning
✡Client Credit history for cash flow planning


Your All-In-One

OrderCircle isn’t just software; it is your partner that will help you manage stocks, manage warehouses retailer payment history, credit line, and creating purchase cycles. OrderCircle is your one-stop solution for all your B2B activities.

Stay Cash Positive At All Times

OrderCircle being agnostic to the sector of your business, allows you to manage credit risks across retailers. It not only keeps track of your B2B orders but makes sure to send payment reminders to your clients on your behalf and helps you stay cash positive at all times.

Systematic Warehouse Management

OrderCircle helps you keep a systematic stock of your inventory at all times. As a B2B seller, it enables you to create a system of management of inventory, sometimes across multiple warehouses.