Lighter Gas: An Underappreciated Invention

With the advancement in technology like we have seen in the past century, things like a lighter gas can often get underappreciated. It has become a common kitchen device, we fail to see how much convenience it has afforded us over the years.

You can only imagine how the early men would feel knowing how we take the lighter gas for granted. In our history, we’ve been told how the early men had to strike rock together to produce fire. Today, with the press of a button, we literally produce fire to cook out meals or light a cigarette.

The lighter has been an amazing invention since it was first introduced, and has taken different forms and shapes over the years. Let’s take a look at some benefits and features that set the lighter gas apart from its older types.

Benefits & Features of a Lighter Gas

Way beyond the simplistic look of a lighter gas comes an incredible masterpiece design. In appreciation of an often underappreciated device, here are some features and benefit of a lighter gas.


Like we earlier mentioned, history puts the early man having to strike rocks together to produce fire. The design of today’s lighter gas makes the process of producing fire a lot easier. More often than not, you just need to press on the ignition to trigger a spark that produces the fire.


While the match stick was a huge life saver, it also posed the danger of getting burned by the striking match or the resultant fire. With the use of cooking gas, holding a lit match stick close to an opened gas burner can result in burns.

With the design of the lighter gas, the hand is far away from the area where the fire appears. As such, the risk of fire accidents and injuries is reduced to its barest minimum.


The last thing you want to have to struggle with is holding up a heavy ignited object near an open flame or gas source. A lighter gas is made from durable but lightweight material that makes it super easy for anyone to operate. Although kids are advised not to go near flammable objects, the lighter gas’ weight is one that a kid can easily handle with zero inconvenience.


A striking feature of most lighter gas is that they’re designed in the shape of a gun. This reminds the user that the device can be dangerous if not properly used. Also, as already stated, it helps to prevent burn injuries and accidents by keeping the hand away from the flame.


Although rocks and stones are free, using them to start a fire is tedious and tiring. The match stick is an invention that took away the stress of starting a fire, and at a cheaper price. With the introduction of the lighter gas and its simplicity, you would think it’ll attract a heavy price. On the contrary, the lighter gas is relatively cheap and is affordable by all and sundry.


Long gone are the days when man had to strike rocks together to produce fire. One of the most outstanding evolution in man’s invention has to be the concept of the match stick. The lighter gas creates fire with relative ease. The article threw light on the benefits and features of a lighter gas, to show its an often underappreciated invention.



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